My name is Dave Saddler, and I will be running as an Unpopular Independent in the next
South Australian Election
South Australians will have noticed our state has been under attack lately. The Turnbull Federal Government has been making outrageous allegations about our world leading renewable energy targets and the Murdoch Press have accused us of being the Welfare State. It seems we must stand alone. But if South Australia is to stand alone we will have to take some bold steps that may, in the short term, prove Unpopular:

Power Independence:
We must further develop our base load renewable energy. South Australia should not only be energy independent but
Australia's Power House . This could be a great opportunity for Our North.

Economic Independence:
We must raise Revenue and that means Taxes. In the short term South Australia must follow Colorado’s example:
Legalize Recreational Marijuana and tax it at all levels. This could be a great opportunity for Riverland South Australia.

Global Responsibility:
We must build a
Toxic Waste Facility in South Australia. Our State is one of the most Politically and Geologically stable places in the world, South Australia has an Ethical Obligation to Help.

Campaign Under Construction

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Unpopular Independent
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South Australia
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South Australia